I believe housing is a human right, rather than a means of producing profit for private companies. My personal experience with homelessness has left me acutely aware of the lack of affordable and quality homes in the UK. I have been a tireless campaigner and activist for homelessness and housing ever since.

I was heavily involved in writing the award winning  "Homeless and Rough Sleeper" report for Heathwatch Berkshire. This documented the real state of homelessness in the district and provided a series of recommendations for ending homelessness locally. 

Directly as a result of this report, West Berkshire Council started a pilot programme to provide a "housing first" solution to homelessness.

I was instrumental in setting up the community-led homeless hostel in Newbury over the winter of 2018/19.

This shelter provided beds for 20 individuals and opened throughout the winter months.

Since being elected as a councillor for Speen, I have continued to campaign for a programme of social housing to be initiated by the council.