Councillor Steve Masters (Speen) will be the Green Party candidate for Newbury constituency during the general election on Thursday 12 December.

He said, ‘During the general election I will be campaigning against Brexit, but also the causes of Brexit. Many people who voted Leave are in despair about the impact of austerity on this country and these concerns cannot be ignored. We must not forget that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are both responsible for austerity.

‘The biggest challenge we face is climate change. It was pressure from me and the Green Party that prompted West Berkshire Council to declare a climate emergency in July. This is the most significant action the council has taken since May, when I was elected to the council. If voters want an MP who has a real impact I urge them to vote Green.

‘I will also be campaigning to protect public services including the NHS – which would be under severe threat during post-Brexit trade negotiations with the United States.’

In April 2015 I joined the Green Party. Since then I have been an active campaigner on environmental issues and those of social justice. I became one of the first Green Party Councillors on West Berkshire Council in May 2019 and I am currently PPC for the Newbury constituency.

I have a public profile locally and challenge the council on social and environmental topics. I have written for LeftfootForward and Greenworld as well as appearing on TV and radio representing West Berkshire Green Party. At the party conference in 2017 I was an award winning inspirational candidate.

As a Trade Unionist I brought the first anti fracking motion to the GMB conference in 2017. I recently forced the local council (West Berkshire) to hold a public debate on May 21st 2019 to declare a climate emergency. This was the first time ever any petition has reached the number of signatures required to force a debate. I have a wide range of life experiences including serving in the military for 20 years. I am not a traditional politician and have found during my campaigning locally I can reach out to parts of the community that are remote from and disconnected from the political landscape.

Facebook: @SteveMastersWestBerkshireGreen

Twitter: @AnothervoiceWB

Facebook: @SteveMastersWestBerkshireGreen