Climate Change

Steve knows climate change is an existential crisis for the human race. Steve has been at the forefront of local campaigning on this issue. He has also been heavily involved in national protests with Extinction Rebellion.

Steve started the (successful) online petition to make West Berkshire Council declare a climate emergency. Collecting over 2000 signatures in six weeks, the petition forced the council to schedule a debate on the issue.

Following this debate and further campaigning, the council declared a climate emergency with unanimous support in July. This was the first ever successful West Berkshire Council resident petition. This would not have happened with Steve's relentless campaigning on the issue.

Steve has been a regularly attendee at national Extinction Rebellion protests in London and fracking protests in Preston and Sussex. Steve was arrested twice on the Extinction Rebellion protests for peaceful protests. Steve was a co-founder the local Newbury branch of Extinction Rebellion.

Steve leads by example on sustainability. He moved to a vegan diet in 2019, does not have a car (using his bike and public transport) and pledged to not fly in 2019.